Inktober ’23 Prompt 28: Sparkle

Today’s prompt was “sparkle”.

Guitars are fussy things to draw. Compound curves all over the place, big areas with subtle bends and so many fine, long, straight lines.

I own two Gretsch hollow-bodies and one of them is literally sparkly. Its finish is this amazing silver-blue icy glitter. I got stumped trying to represent that with black and white ink, so I’ll come back to it later.

For now, this the other one. Let’s say it metaphorically sparkles.

I do like the way the not quite completely blacked-in F-hole provides a little depth.

(Guitar nerds, it’s 1959 6119 Tennessean with a single bridge pickup.)

Inktober ’23 Prompts 24, 19, & 20: Shallow, Plump, Frost

The daily prompt was “shallow”. I also included prompt 19, “plump” and prompt 20, “frost”.

As long as the Garys have been in my life I’ve wondered what Gary would do when Gary went into hibernation. I think he’d stick around to make sure everything was okay, then go find someplace out of the cold, but come back regularly to make sure Gary was still tucked in.

Inktober ’23 Prompt 1: Dream

My relationship with ink is murky. I love the work of really good inkers but I’m rarely satisfied with my own work.

But it’s Inktober and I could use some prompts so I decided to try something for today.

The first prompt was “dream”. I started out doing something very planned and very geometric, but … ink and I got into our usual back and forth.

So I fell back on the old art school trick of working loose on scrap cardboard and I think it came out okay. It’s actually two pieces that ended up working well together.

India ink and a couple of pens.

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